101 in 1,001

The idea of a 101 in 1,001 list I think is fascinating and so much fun. I’ve always had mixed feelings about New Year’s resolutions, but the great thing about these lists is you have more time. You’re a totally different person by the time the list is over, and maybe these 101 helped that process along.

I started making this list in late September/early October and then let it sit, but I made it my goal to finish it by the end of 2014 so it could be ready to go by January 1. By the time I finish this list, in 1,001 days, I’ll be 25 and out of school for more than two years. Who knows what will be happening by then?

Alas, here is my list, and here’s to the next 2+ years of accomplishments.

Start date: January 1, 2015
End date: September 28, 2017
[October 2016: 39/101]

Personal (8/28)

  1. Go one month without buying food out
  2. Pay off all my credit cards August 2016
  3. Go to bed by 10 p.m./wake up at 5 a.m. every day for a week
  4. Brush up on my French
  5. Make a monthly budget, adamantly stick to it for at least one month
  6. Stay in my current apartment for at least 2 years
  7. Go one month no taxis/ubers
  8. Sell my old laptop August 2015
  9. Keep going to the dentist every 6 months/doctor every year
  10. Have a dance company reunion/get-together
  11. Get my license updated for current address October 2015
  12. Read for pleasure every day for one month
  13. Write every day for pleasure for one month
  14. Unplug from all technology for 24 hours
  15. Grow my long-term savings account (Opened a 401k, December 2015)
  16. Go one month with no shopping
  17. Find a cause I believe in to donate to/volunteer with (Planned Parenthood) November 2015
  18. Make a donation to DePaul toward the College of Communication scholarship I received
  19. Start investing/invest in something
  20. Go to a chiropractor
  21. Invest in quality skin care products
  22. Do my laundry weekly for a month (including towels/bedding)
  23. Delete my Facebook for good
  24. Get allergy tested
  25. Vote in every general election
  26. Get my wisdom teeth removed January 2015
  27. Glaze/darken my hair
  28. Put $10 in savings account for each goal accomplished

    Professional (8/10)

  29. Find a full-time job April 2015
  30. Get published on three new sites/publications (TimeOut Chicago, 22CM, )
  31. Graduate with distinction from master’s program June 2015
  32. Stay in touch with professors after graduation
  33. Keep writing/freelancing regardless of job
  34. Be looking for a new job by the time this list is through if I’m not happy
  35. Start writing story of my dad 
  36. Create DePaulia leadership manual May 2015
  37. Write a story (for DePaulia or other) that means a lot to me April 2015
  38. Buy a new camera lens April 2015

    Health (4/13)

  39. Prep meals for an entire week
  40. Give up soda for one month October 2015
  41. Drink only water (64 oz at least each day) for a week
  42. Eat clean for a week
  43. Eat clean for a month
  44. Work out every day for a month
  45. Start running again—complete a 5K
  46. Run a half marathon
  47. Take a spinning class March 2015
  48. Go to the gym two days/week for three months
  49. Get back to freshman year of college weight
  50. Take a hot yoga class
  51. Go three months with no alcohol

    Chicago (6/13)

  52. Try 30 new restaurants in Chicago (Fig & Olive, Hub 51, Longman & Eagle, Piece, Harmony Grill, Jolly Posh, Pizza East, Japonais, Miss Ricky’s, Publican, Cemitas Pueblas, Stetsons, Parlor, Fatpour, Small Cheval, Corridor, Grange Hall, Jefferson Tap, Nando’s, Coalfire, Ramen Takeya, Bar Sienna, Remington’s, Aurelio’s, L’Patron, Expat, Northdown, Hutch, Tratoria Isabella, Dryhop)
  53. Go to a White Sox game July 2015
  54. Explore 10 neighborhoods in Chicago I don’t normally frequent (Bucktown, Andersonville, )
  55. Go to three new museums
  56. See a show at Steppenwolf
  57. See a show at Second City April 2015
  58. Visit the Sky Deck
  59. Take the water taxi
  60. Go to a CSO show
  61. Go on a brewery tour June 2016
  62. Have a staycation April 2015
  63. Bike the Lakefront trail from start to finish
  64. Take an architecture boat tour July 2015

    Travel (4/7)

  65. Travel to a country I’ve never been before
  66. Go to a new state
  67. Go back to New York May 2015
  68. Visit San Francisco March 2015
  69. Take a road trip anywhere June 2016
  70. Visit Sydney wherever she’s living February 2016
  71. Go out of the country with Julian

    Family & Friends (1/9)

  72. Send 5 friends a letter/gift out of the blue
  73. Go with my dad to Busch Stadium
  74. Have a tech-free date night at least once every/other month
  75. Visit the cemetery where my grandparents are burried
  76. Visit step grandma/step aunts + uncles
  77. Reconnect with my aunt
  78. Go on a trip with my mom March 2015
  79. Go on runs with Julian
  80. Take a dance class/go dancing with Julian

    Just for Fun (7/21)

  81. Read 10 new books (Yes Please, No One Belongs Here More Than You, )
  82. Watch the best picture Oscar-winning films of the past 30 years
  83. Reread at least two books I hated in high school
  84. Go to the beach
  85. Learn to play the cello
  86. Take a dance class
  87. Take three different classes (flower arrangement making, aerial yoga, rowing) September 2015
  88. Learn how to make eggs Benedict
  89. Learn how to cook/bake 10 new things (homemade pasta sauce, spaghetti squash, cauliflower mashed potatoes, spinach artichoke dip, turkey chili, apple hand pies, ricotta whipped pizza, new glazed chicken recipe, Brussels sprout crostini, mug cake) January 2016
  90. Learn how to fishtail braid
  91. Go to a concert of an artist I haven’t seen before July 2015
  92. Go to a DePaul men’s basketball game at Allstate February 2015
  93. Karaoke Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” October 2015
  94. Finish my TV shows list
  95. Reread entire Harry Potter series
  96. Make macarons
  97. Paint my dresser May 2015
  98. Pay for a stranger’s coffee order at Starbucks
  99. Go on a double date March 2015
  100. Buy a bike
  101. Write another list when this one is done

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