Because College Publisher isn’t going to tell you

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I’m writing this as a PSA to any sad college journalist who happens to still use College Publisher as their CMS for their newspaper website.

If you do, you already knew it was the worst CMS you’ve ever worked on and made no intuitive sense. You’ve probably tried to switch, but the enticing $0/month bill kept you in. Well now, you’re probably regretting this. was run for years by College Publisher. We didn’t have the prettiest website, but it got the job done. We were able to control a fair amount of things, but were planning on making the switch to WordPress this summer.

At The DePaulia, we were alerted they would finally be making the switch over to the new CMS they promised us last summer. More customization, great! But in fact that didn’t happen at all.

College Publisher-hosted websites were switched over to ULoop-hosted websites yesterday, but College Publisher wasn’t going to tell you that. They also didn’t tell you all of your customization features would be gone, any sections you built out on your site would be gone, in-site comments would be gone and that there wouldn’t even be a search function.

Because of this every DePaulia link that once existed is now broken, half of our content is gone and there are now, for some reason, 85 sections for men’s basketball on the site.

I write this because I’m extremely frustrated, but also in the hopes someone finds this who’s also wondering what the hell happened to their newspaper website.

Good luck out there.

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