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Rogers Park’s business climate along the Morse Red Line stop

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By David Byrnes, Courtney Jacquin

In Chicago’s Rogers Park, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The community surrounding the Morse Red Line stop knows its small business population to be highly mercurial, with different institutions coming into and running out of money almost with the seasons.  However, other businesses in the same area, like The Heartland Cafe, Red Line Tap and Lifeline Theatre have stood for decades, with no sign of shuttered doors anytime soon.

So why have these businesses flourished for so long, while others seem to live on borrowed time?

Statistics on Illinois Veterans

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The new veterans, the men and women returning from the post-9/11 wars, are very different from veterans returning from wars past, presenting many challenges for the government and the VA.

To create the profile of the new veteran, Heartland Alliance’s Social Impact Research Center gathered data on these military members, quantifying everything from education, income, race, gender and more, focusing on the new veterans in Illinois.”

“There are more than 85,000 new veterans in Illinois,” Lindy Carrow, research assistant with the Social Impact Research Center.

Carrow explained how in many ways, new veterans are facing more issues – they tend to have higher unemployment rates and less education.

Of all new veterans, women are facing some of the biggest issues. According to Carrow, they’re more likely to be younger, minorities, unemployed, divorced and raising a child by themselves compared to male new veterans.

The infographic below details more information on Illinois’ new veterans.


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Storify: Oscars 2014

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Recap of the winners, memorable moments and red carpet trends of the 86th Annual Academy Awards. Click through for more.

Host Ellen Degeneres' "selfie" that broke Twitter Sunday, March 2 during the Oscars, become the most retweeted tweet of all time. (Photo/Twitter @TheEllenShow)

Host Ellen Degeneres’ “selfie” that broke Twitter Sunday, March 2 during the Oscars, become the most retweeted tweet of all time. (Photo/Twitter @TheEllenShow)